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she's like a smile on a monday;

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aces and hearts

7th February, 2011

05:57 pm - {icons} post sixteen
Hellooooo, d'you remember me? Forty icons; the usual strange miscellany.</br>

Current Music: "not only human", heather nova

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27th September, 2010

01:49 pm - {icons} post fifteen
78 icons: largely autumn things and strange dark things.

Current Music: "my lodging it is on the cold ground", the magickal folk of the faraway tree

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31st August, 2010

11:52 am - {icons} post fourteen
The usual miscellany, with a touch of the gothic: autumn is coming.

waters black, wood in snow. dead of night, how bright you glow.Collapse )

Current Music: "would", akira kosemura

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21st August, 2010

10:25 pm - interest icons are here!
interest icons!
(Wow, this was fun! I ended up doing a couple of extras. If you missed out, never fear, I am sure to do this again.) All icons are shareable.

one for sorrow, two for joy.Collapse )

Current Music: "augustine", patrick wolf

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20th August, 2010

10:18 pm - because whyever not?
interest icons: request post!
I will make three interest icons apiece for the first fifteen people to comment on this entry! Which interests I select from your vast array are at my discretion, but that means you shall have a surprise to look forward to. ^-^


Current Music: "alpha shallows", laura marling

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13th July, 2010

11:40 am - {icons} post thirteen
Thirty-three icons.
Two is a quote from Catherynne Valente in the comments to this essay.

Current Music: "nocturne, italy square", faustine seilman

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2nd June, 2010

05:59 pm - {icons} post twelve
Thirty-three icons.
Notes: 2- Vampire sillhouette by robertmilo; 12- Willow Rosenberg from Buffy the Vampire Slayer; 22- illustration of Sunshine and Con from Robin McKinley's Sunshine by bluefooted; 23- 'The Wolfman' by bluefooted.

here the night is fine; the stars are sparks of steel chiselled in the mines of twilightCollapse )

Current Music: "hopeful hearts", sarah slean

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